Autodesk InfraWorks 2020.2 + Extras x64 Multilanguage Free Download

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Autodesk InfraWorks 2020.2 + Extras x64 Multilanguage

InfraWorks, formerly known as InfraWorks 360, is a product of Autodesk for designing and modeling urban infrastructure. With this program it is possible for engineers to build 3D models of roads, highways, commuter routes, maritime canals, urban train infrastructures, subways, etc. Finally, the models can be output to work on their details. Other specialized CAD software has been ported, for example, AutoCAD software can be used to work on the two-dimensional map details of these infrastructures, or the powerful 3ds max software can be used to build animated simulations. In this model building software, you first open the Model Builder tool, and you design the desired environment using vector and raster data as well as data extracted from other similar sources.

Features and Features of InfraWorks 360 Software:

  •  Ability to use Cloud for teamwork on a project
  • Adherence to world standards
  • Great facilities for building rich urban maps
  • Geotechnical modeling capability
  • Ability to use gps data
  • Using Wizards to simplify important operations
  • Calculate costs incurred
  • Complete facilities for modeling all types of bridges
  • Ability to take notes in different parts of the project
  • Supports over 4000,000 different coordinate systems around the world
  • Automatically integrate vector, raster and other data to save time and cost
  • Ability to analyze bridges, roads and other similar structures against natural disasters such as storms, fires, etc.
  • And …

required system

System requirements for Autodesk InfraWorks 360 2017 Products

Operating System

Windows® 7 64-bit Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise edition (SP1), or Windows® 8 / 8.1 64-bit Professional or Enterprise operating system

CPU Type Dual-core Intel® Core ™ 2 or equivalent AMD processor (Quad-core Intel® Core ™ i7, 6-core Intel® Xeon®, or better

processor highly recommended); to use ray traced rendering functionality, CPU must support SSE 4.1

Memory 8 GB minimum (16+ GB recommended)

Display Resolution 1,280 x 720 or greater (1,440 x 900+ recommended)

Display Card Any DirectX® 10.1 capable graphics card with 2 GB (or more) graphics memory, supporting 8x Antialiasing (8x AA), such as NVIDIA Quadro® 5000 or 6000 for desktops and NVIDIA Quadro 2000M or GeForce® GT 650M for laptops; (Any DirectX 10.1 capable graphics card with 1 GB graphics memory supporting 2x antialiasing (2x AA) minimum)

Disk Space 10 GB free disk space for installation (additional space required depending on data size)

Pointing Device Microsoft-compliant mouse

Media DVD or download file

Browser Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11, Google Chrome ™ (latest), or Firefox® (latest)

Internet access for full online help and learning materials access and Autodesk® Cloud services


Autodesk InfraWorks

Installation guide

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