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Apple introduced new interactive stickers in iOS 13 known as Memoji Stickers. These are an upgrade over the original Animoji stickers which were well-received by users when they were introduced. Animoji stickets allowed you to record a short message as an animated character and send it to your friends and family. The new Memoji stickers are a creative play on the original Bitmoji stickers (which Snapchat users) must be quite familiar with. Memoji stickers allows you to make original creations of different stickers of your face and use these digital stickers across your iOS device. You can use them in iMessages, posting photos and more. We’ll be covering how to create and use Memoji stickers on your iOS device in detail below, so continue reading.

How Does Memoji Work

You can design a Memoji sticker easily on your iOS device (more below). Once created, you’ll have a customized sticker pack of your Memoji-self that you can send to your friend or family on iMessage or any other messaging platform. It’s a fun and creative way to express your feelings instead of a traditional old emoji or thumb up/down sign. Memoji are unique, and can be made to represent you and add creativity to your messages.

Memoji also work alongside regular emoji, meaning they have their own keyboard that you can easily access from any app. You don’t have to go out of your way to send a Memoji sticker, which is another added advantage.

Setting up a Memoji is very easy, simply follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you’re running iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 on your device.

2. In an app that supports stickers (such as iMessage), open up the keyboard.

3. Click on the Memoji icon in the top bar above the keyboard.

Memoji Stickers Ios Icon

4. Click on the three dots on the left corner.

Memoji Stickers Dots

5. Here, click on Edit to edit your Memoji or “Create New Memoji” to create a new one.

Memoji Stickers Ios Edit

Here, you’ll see a variety of options that’ll allow you to customize nearly every aspect of your Memoji, from its hair to eye color, nose shape etc. You can easily design it completely to your liking.

Memoji Stickers Ios Edit Options

Once done, simply tap on Done in the top right corner.

How To Send A Memoji

Once you’ve designed a Memoji, sending it is very easy. As mentioned before, Memoji have their own separate keyboard that you can use to select stickers and send. Stickers are automatically create for every new Memoji you create and can be found in the Memoji keyboard. To use them,

1. In an app that supports sending stickers, open up the keyboard.

2. From the bottom left corner, long-tap on the Globe icon on the keyboard.

3. Select the Emoji / Memoji keyboard option (highlighted below)

Memoji Stickers Ios Select Keyboard

4. Choose from the variety of stickers available to send. Tapping on any one of them will allow you to send the Memoji sticker to your friends or family.

Memoji Stickers Ios Keyboard

That’s it. It’s that simple. Using the Memoji stickers, you’ll be able to add some fun flair to your chats and messages instead of the plain old regular emojis.

Memoji Stickers Ios Stickers

Will you be using Memoji stickers or do you just figure them to be a gimmick? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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